USFIN ATELIER produced by assort


About Us



USFIN ATELIER produced by Assort is a genderless hair and beauty salon, as well as an event and exhibition space in Sydney, Australia. USFIN specialises in creating bespoke, stylish hairstyles and is a part of the Assort International Hair Salon Group. Our group's salons can be found in Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, New York and Amsterdam.

Designed by award winning interior architect George Livissianis, the light-filled, futuristic studio re-defines the traditional salon experience. Besides running and facilitating hair seminars with hair stylists from salons across Australia, USFIN often collaborates with various emerging artists and creatives, giving them a platform to create and exhibit their work, all thanks to the flexibility of the studio where almost everything is designed to be mobile. The space also comes with a side studio for photoshoots and exhibitions.

Led by founder and creative director Daniel, USFIN is always learning and innovating to deliver what their fashion forward and knowledgable clients want. “A lot of our clients come because they want something different. They want a change. Our job is to make each of them feel happy and confident as they walk out of USFIN,” says Daniel.


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