Online Booking

Appointments can be made online here. All listed package prices are for medium length hair (below chin, above shoulders), so the final price will be slightly lower if you have short hair and higher if you have long hair. Students with a valid student ID can enjoy a 10% discount on weekdays. Please visit www.usfin.com.au/price for a more detailed breakdown of prices. All appointments require a $60 deposit, which is automatically deducted at the point of checkout.


Customers are reminded of their appointments 2 days prior to their appointments via SMS. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, we require a 24 hour notice. The $60 deposit will not be refunded for any notice made under the 24 hour mark.

Phones and electronic devices in the salon

To ensure all our guests feel comfortable and at ease in our salon, we kindly ask you to switch your phone and other electronic devices to silent mode. If you would like to watch videos or play games while you are waiting for your appointment, please put on ear phones so everyone can have an enjoyable experience at our salon.

Complimentary colour service

Here at USFIN ATELIER produced by assort, we offer a 10-day complimentary colour service for our clients who had a bleach and colouring appointment. Clients can enjoy a re-application of the colour at the cost of just a blow wave fee ($45/55/65) within 10 days from the initial colour appointment.