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Perm In most cases, bleached hair cannot be permed. If you have bleached or highlighted hair and made a perm appointment, please contact us immediately. Colour The performance of colour products vary depending on hair condition. If you have recently dyed your hair black or used any home dye products, please let us know prior to your appointment as that may affect the end result. In addition to that, our stylists will be recommending services such as treatments, as well as take-home maintenance regimes that will help to keep your colour looking fresh. Drug store hair products typically contain sulfate and paraben which tend to strip away colour and also lead of products build-up in your hair, preventing the colour from getting onto your hair. USFIN ATELIER does not guarantee a lasting colour if the recommended products are not used. But don’t worry, here at USFIN ATELIER we have a 7-day free fix policy. If you are indeed unhappy with the colour, you can come back within 7 days and we can fix the colour for you. The only fee you’ll have to pay is the blow wave fee. Colour correction Correcting and repairing your hair is a process and therefore may require multiple visits to our salon. Reconstructive treatments may be needed prior to colour services. Our stylists will try to be as transparent as possible during consultation, but it is impossible to guarantee the amount of visits required. Each visit will be charged separately.