Lesson 1 - The Process (Colour)

Following our previous Q&A post regarding the introductory-level questions we receive more frequently, we decided to make a follow-up post that shows you step-by-step how we colour, and most importantly what makes us so special. 

Step 1

Every colour appointment begins with a consultation session with our colour specialist Rebecca, during which she will examine the condition of your hair and provide you with her own recommendation regarding colours and the treatment products suitable for you. More often than not we will let our customers have a look at our 'colour book' and let them pick a colour they like if they haven't already had a colour in mind. Though usually our customers come prepared. Each and everyone of them have unique needs and requirements. Some of them for instance need an interesting yet subtle colour that is suitable for work. This is why we value the consultation time so much as we want to make sure both the stylist and the customer are on the same page. During the consultation, customers may voice any other concerns they have about their hair, or they can simply have a chat with us while we get things ready - we love hearing different stories from our customers! Finally, this is also the time we can give you the exact quote on the price, which is often difficult to estimate by just looking at photos of your hair.


Step 2

After locking in the colour choice, we will start mixing the colour. Since creative colour is one of our specialties, we can create unique colours that you can't find anywhere else. How? We can't tell you. But we make sure each customer is happy with the result by creating personalised formulas. For example, if the customer is particularly worried about hair damage from bleaching and colouring, we can include some of our most effective treatment products into the mixture, ensuring your hair is protected from the start till the end of the process.  


Step 3 

An even, natural application requires skills, patience and experience. Usually this is done with the help of our assistants to ensure we get everything right in an efficient manner. 


Step 4 

As the timer goes off, it's time to rinse the colour off! Again, this is another opportunity to give your hair a treatment. As mentioned in our previous post, PCC ('Protection Cheveux Complexe' from La Biosthetique) is our absolute favourite treatment product which is guaranteed to make your hair stronger, smoother and healthier. We cannot recommend it enough!

Step 5 

We're almost there! After rinsing off the products and drying the hair, we will check on the colour under natural light to see the results. While examining the hair, you will be reminded of the things that you need to be expecting or cautious of. This includes how often you should be washing your hair and whether you will need certain products for a longer-lasting colour. But don't worry - nothing will be new to you as everything is explained during the consultation session. 

Step 6

After everything is done, we can have some fun and bring you on a little photoshoot. We've been doing this since day 1 and nothing makes us happier than seeing how satisfied each customer look after hours of wait. It's definitely worth it!


Step 7

Lastly, we will book you in for a second appointment for further toning and colouring if necessary. If you happen to be unhappy about the results, don't worry - come back within 10 days and we make sure you will leave with a big smile on your face. Follow-up appointments within that period is free of charge. 

Daniel Jianing Liu