USFIN Art Series: 'close encounters'

With the intention of bringing art closer to the audience, USFIN ATELIER is kicking off a new art exhibition series in its 350 sqm light-filled, futuristic studio. The inaugural instalment, a 9 day exhibition titled ‘close encounters’, will feature installation works by 9 interdisciplinary Australian artists that work with light, sound and space.'close encounters' is about the dichotomy between feelings of intimacy as people get close to one another, and the missed encounters as people or entities come so close but not meeting.

Artist line-up (in alphabetical order): Anna McMahon, Brendan Van Hek, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Jonny Niesche, Lisa Sammut, Lucas Davidson, Melissa Howe, Paul Williams, Tim Bruniges

We visited and interviewed 5 of the artists in their studios to find out more about their thoughts in relation to this exhibition.
Full interviews can be found on our IGTV channel.

close encounters 2.jpg
close encounters 5.jpg
close encounters 4.jpg
Daniel Jianing Liu