i-D: banoffee on building her hyper-real world for fans and friends

Photography Claudia Smith, Stylist Charlotte Agnew, Make-up Corinna Wilmshurst, Hair Daniel Jianing Liu @ Usfin Atelier, Fashion assistants Victoria Wills and Phoebe Cutler


A lot has happened for Banoffee since she packed up and moved from Melbourne to L.A. last year. In between collaborating with SOPHIE and penning lyrics for huge artists, she joined Charli XCX’s band for a worldwide tour supporting Taylor Swift. All the while she’s been releasing confident new music and the first pieces of a collaboration with fashion label Skodia. Right now, there’s a sense that the early years of creative hard work are paying off and it’s most definitely Banoffee’s time to shine. We caught up with her in Tokyo, following the final stadium show of the Taylor Swift tour, to ask about the highlights and how you chill after playing 53 shows in just seven months.

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Daniel Jianing Liu