Premier Award Winner - Australian Interior Design Awards 2019

Last night at the Forum Melbourne, over 500 interior design, architecture and built environment professionals gathered and celebrated the amazing interior design work created in the past year at the 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards gala banquet. Although we were unable to attend the iconic event, we were overjoyed when we received a text message from our architect George, who told us we were the winner of the best of state and best retail award in Australia!

A light filled, minimal & futuristic hair salon within the old Taubman’s paint factory warehouse.

Jury’s citation


The jury unanimously agreed that USFIN deserves the Premier Award for Australian Interior Design, selected from a field of outstanding contenders. In deliberating the project, jury members praised the dynamism of the design. It stands out because it is so complete as a concept and interior and has a real joyfulness to it, despite its futuristic laboratory aesthetic. There's an absolute rigour to the scheme, but it also has a flexibility that softens any hint of rigidity that would make it appear intimidating. The ability to move the hair station pods around to reconfigure the space for multiple uses makes the project close to perfect in the jury's opinion and the sculptural element this brings to the interior is exciting. In reinventing the standard hair salon typology, the designer has given considerable thought to the customer experience, which is to be commended. Salon employees are also looked after via joinery that's accessible, adaptable and easy to maintain. The jury was particularly impressed by the designer's commitment to a clear, singular idea and to the purity of execution, making it a worthy award recipient.


This project is compelling as a complete package of design thinking that dramatically reinvents the standard hairdressing salon typology. The designer set out to deliberately create a futuristic laboratory environment, taking inspiration from atypical hairdressing elements like music cases and aeroplane trolleys. It could have made for a cold, uncomfortable atmos-phere, but instead it's quite the opposite and appears to be an engaging place where anyone getting their hair done is made to feel special. There's an incredible sense of immersion created by the mobile hair station pods, which, when clustered, generate a degree of intimacy. They also allow for flexibility in how the space is used: when moved to the side, there is enough space to hold events, informal gatherings and workshops. One jury member was blown away by the clarity of the concept and the understanding of who the end user is; they also thought the materiality and joinery was without fault. Another juror described the project as sophisticated and "a bit sexy," which is exactly how you want to feel after leaving a hairdressing salon.

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Daniel Jianing Liu