Warm welcome to our newest stylist Ichi !

Introducing ICHI:


We would like to warmly welcome and introduce to you the latest member to join our team, ICHI. Ichi has just moved to Sydney from Japan to continue his journey as an experienced and ambitious hair stylists! Previously in Japan he was a chief hair stylist in one of the most fashionable part in Tokyo, Harajuku. Ichi is a very skilled hair stylist who is capable of achieving bespoke hair cut and creating fashion forward colours! We are looking forward for your visit with Ichi at USFIN ATELIER.

Check out more of Ichi’s work on Instagram @ichi_ishiguri !

Check out more of Ichi’s work on Instagram @ichi_ishiguri !

We have also made an introduction video for Ichi ! Enjoy!

Daniel Jianing Liu